For those planning to send a loved one to Singapore, choosing the funeral casket is critical. When you visit their country, one thing for sure is that they are very well taken care of, and there is a solid national identity built into their culture. There are companies like this in the US in existence, but it would be hard for your loved one to know that if you were not there to tell them.

“Singapore Casket” is the largest and most respected funeral home company in Singapore, with over 60 full-time funeral directors and consultants. Today, we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of InvoCare Ltd., Asia Pacific’s leading provider of pro-bono funeral services. Our focus is on family-friendly death care with a focus on dignity for the deceased. It does not matter if the deceased has diabetes, cancer, or just a cardiovascular issue; our friendly and knowledgeable directors and counselors will work with each family to make sure they are comfortable with our services.

As a company dedicated to meeting the needs of our diverse community, we pride ourselves on having the best funeral services, facilities, and personnel in the country. The funeral homes take care of all details, including flower arrangements, officiant, flowers, etc. From start to finish, and can even arrange for the casket to be transported to the cemetery.

The funeral director at Singapore funeral parlour is very understanding, caring, and professional. He can converse easily with different types of people and makes every family feel at ease. Even those from other countries can communicate with our professional Singapore casket staff because we have incorporated the most modern technology into our facilities. Our team of morticians has traveled worldwide to meet the needs of our clients and provide the most professional service to them.

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Singapore caskets can be prepared for a funeral or burial. If your loved one prefers the traditional funeral service, we can also ship the casket there. When choosing a casket for cremation, the client may prefer a stainless steel casket with a wooden headstone or marble plaque attached. Our funeral homes can accommodate requests for a specific casket with certain combinations of headstones, interment options, and other specifications. Some families like the option of having the casket personalized with a special inscription on the inside cover.

There are various options for a memorial service when choosing burial after the casket has been prepared and sent to the cemetery. For example, many choose a plot in their hometown so that their loved one can be buried nearby to where they are known to have lived. Other families might opt for interment at a private cemetery. Others might want to display the casket in a garden area or place it in a public park.

Whatever the wishes of the deceased, funeral directors will make sure they are respected. With the help of our team of licensed morticians, our mortuary experts can assist you in every step of the process. From selecting a plot, choosing the materials for the funeral, selecting a funeral director, and even handling all the final details of the funeral service.

It is important to remember that whatever decisions you make regarding the casket you choose. We recommend that you contact us as our funeral professionals will answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Alternatively, if you need assistance in making your decision, we urge you to contact us for a consultation to offer our professional opinion.

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