You will probably have to obtain this license to operate as an inquiry agent too. An inquiry agent advertises or provides investigators’ services to assist persons in assessing whether they have a case against a company or person. An investigative agent is someone who performs personal remuneration investigations into the conduct of people or organizations. It does not matter if you work for a law firm or another business or are self-employed; you may be required by your employment agreement to be an inquiry agent. It is a criminal offense for you to operate an unlicensed investigating agent.

Such as the police force, the police recruitment service will tell you that you can only be an inquiry agent if you have passed their written examination. In the police force, the written examination is a two-hour test that assesses your reasoning, communication skills, listening, and writing skills and includes a written essay. If you do not pass this examination, you will not be appointed as a police officer. The Police Intelligence Centre course is not required to work as an inquiry agent in the civil service. However, if you are working in this department, it is probably highly recommended that you complete the course as this will give you excellent status when applying for future jobs.

You can also work as an inquiry agent for a private investigation company or private investigator. A private investigation company is usually established to carry out on-site private investigations for businesses or individuals. For example, you may find yourself working for a private investigator company if you wanted to look into the activities of a suspected pedophile.

There are specific qualifications that you must have before becoming employed as an inquiry agent 1. To become a private investigator, you will generally need to obtain a certificate of completion from the Melbourne Private Detective. This is the first certification that will be awarded to you after completing the course. There are other certifications available, but these will be more highly regarded than the certificate of completion.

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As an inquiry agent, you will be responsible for gathering information about business transactions and criminal activity. You may be asked to go undercover as a corporate or private detective, or you may be asked to make undercover investigations at a business or residence. Your job is to gather evidence and interview individuals under different disguises to determine any evidence of fraud or illegality. You may be asked to visit a place or conduct interviews while disguised as someone else. You may be asked to follow a lead dressed in a false uniform or use hidden cameras or video equipment.

To be a successful home office detective or private detective, you should be able to identify the signs of a scam and fraud. This is why you will be required to attend training courses that will teach you how to document suspicious activity. Some of these requirements include:

Another requirement to become a private inquiry agent or detective is a three-year degree from an accredited college. This degree program is called the Certificate in Detective Science (CDS). You will be required to complete an eight-hour examination and successfully graduate from a high school or two-year college. To apply for employment as an inquiry agent, you will need to submit a resume and a cover letter that outlines your educational and work experience. The requirements may be higher if you have specialized skills in a specific area of investigation such as foreign language, financial crimes, or computer forensics. You will significantly enhance your chances of employment with them.

On the other hand, a criminal activity investigator investigates crimes and criminal activity that are not as broad or common as those done by a home office detective. These types of investigations include white-collar crime, corporate frauds, public corruption, and missing children. Unlike an agent investigating crimes and criminal activity within the United States, an investigator overseas investigates crimes and criminal activity outside of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. To be an effective investigator, you must also be an expert in other areas such as foreign language, law enforcement, computer forensics, and communications. An investigator specializing in a specific area will also have a more comprehensive background than an investigator trained in many areas.