What’s more fun than planning a fun Italian Party for your friends and family? With the holidays coming up, there’s no better time to plan your party than now!

Celebrate your New Year’s resolutions with an Italian feast on the beach, or go to the opera together or a Broadway show. Italian Restaurant Near Me If you prefer your Italian party indoors, the Italian Party can be as simple or extravagant as you choose. Here are some fun ideas for your next Italian party.

A Fun New Year’s Resolution: Make your guest list a few months in advance to ensure you have enough room for everyone. One of the Wall Street Journal’s six “Of ‘6 More Books to Read this Spring/Summer,” The New York Post’s “Spring/ Summer Bests of the Year” of 2020, is a must-read. It features stories of the best summer entertainers, such as the New York City Opera’s “Marry Me to Marry Me.” It also includes “The Most Important Thing You Will Learn in the 21st Century,” a collection of tips and tricks from the New York Times to prepare for and host a successful party. A Sonoma Magazine Best Seller, “The Sonoma Guide to Italian Cuisine,” by John Cappuccio and Joanne Corletti, is another good book to choose from.

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A Gi Party Theme: The New York Times’ “Italian Fest,” a monthly series of themed parties, is an excellent idea for a gi party. Even a few party planning books on sale at your local bookstore explain the basics of preparing and serving a gi party. You can also purchase the New York Times guidebook or check out some of the books at Amazon. Then check out some of the books available on the internet. You’ll find plenty to choose from, and many will have step by step recipes for gi cooking or other traditional Italian dishes. Check out some of the pictures on the New York Times website. They will give you ideas of the food and decorating styles you can use to your advantage.

You don’t have to have the best gi chef in town for a gi party to succeed. You can use the same great dishes you’ve come to love in Italy and find a way to serve them at a low-budget gi party. For example, you could add a couple of wine glasses instead of champagne, serve cheese as a wine sauce for the sandwiches, or choose an appetizer salad with cheese and chicken instead of pork chops. You might consider using a different meat dish, such as chicken Parmesan, instead of beef. Your guests will have a blast, and they will be thrilled to know how much effort you put into the food preparation.

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