If we want to study abroad, of course there are some things that need to be surveyed and prepared in advance. First of all, of course we need to define our goals.

Well, one of the determining factors in canninghill piers remaining units case could be the cost of living needed to live there, right? Some of the following information may be very useful for consideration for those of you who want to continue studying in continental Europe.

The European continent may boast some of its countries with the highest per capita incomes as well as the standard of living, but this also shows how expensive the cost of living there can be sometimes.

According to a report published by Glassdoor entitled “Which European Cities Offer the Best Standards of Lifestyle?”, the British capital, London, offers the highest rental rates in Europe, meaning people spend a large part of their income paying only rents. .

Glassdoor’s Cost of Living Index calculates income and “the amount of money needed to buy necessities and pay for amenities in different countries, including food, restaurants, transportation, home care and electronics, as well as rent.”

Of course London is at the top, but there are other cities that even beat London in terms of cost.

An article on Business Insider listed the 11 most expensive cities to live in in Europe, and the results are as follows:

1. Amsterdam
The Dutch capital is the most sought-after place to live in the Netherlands, thanks to its reputation as a center for culture, economic development and education. However, this popularity also raises the local cost of living higher and therefore more expensive.

2. Helsinki
Although Finns have a high overall income, the cost of living in several categories of necessities makes it on this list.

3. Stockholm
Sweden has one of the highest standards of living in Europe, thanks to the cost of basic necessities and amenities (including food, transport and rent) which is quite a salary drain.

4. Dublin
The Irish capital has one of the highest salary standards in Europe. However, the rising prices of housing, public transportation and basic commodities have made the cost of living in the city even more expensive.

5. Paris
The annual salary is actually quite adequate and he ranks 6th from the bottom according to the annual salary ranking in the Glassdoor index when we compare it to the average salary across France. However, property costs are quite high in the capital, and make Paris one of the most expensive cities to live in Europe.

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6. Copenhagen
As the cultural, economic and governmental center of Denmark, the city boasts the highest cost of living in the country.

7. Bergen
This seaside town in Norway is surrounded by mountains and fjords, but the cost of living there is far higher than what it costs for people living in Los Angeles in the United States.

8. Oslo
The Norwegian capital boasts a fairly high average salary compared to the rest of Europe, but from basic necessities to electricity costs, they are all quite expensive, and even transportation costs can be quite a drain on a monthly salary.

9. London
The British capital has the highest rental costs in all of Europe. If we consider the mediocre salary, Londoners need to drain quite a lot of their monthly salary to meet this need.

10. Zurich
The city is the center of the Swiss economy, but it also offers the highest costs for transportation, accommodation and other daily necessities.

11. Geneva
The cost of living in this Swiss city is 3% more than the cost of living in New York even though the average income is also among the highest when compared to the whole of Europe.