You Can Make Good Money As a Frugality Coach


As the business downturn drags on and unemployment remains sky-high, frugality and simple living becoming public virtues. Conspicuous consumption is out, and even the people who can well afford to buy anything they want are scaling back their public purchases so as not to stand out and call attention to themselves.

The important point is that the guidance that only a frugality and simple living coach can provide is in high demand across the entire social and economic spectrum. Even when it is only for appearance.

For example, people will pay you for your expertise on how to grow a home garden, especially if you make your information specific, unusual or unique. An eBook on "How to Grow Herbs and Vegetables Indoors All Year Round" would stand out in a crowd of competitors that just offered the usual, general advice.

The possibilities are endless. There are niche market opportunities in almost every aspect of daily living. The best budget friendly make-up. How to give a great party and save money at the same time. How to extend the life of your electronic gear. How to make your own Christmas decorations.

Almost any idea about how to repurpose things, make things or mend things (particularly clothes) is fair game. The magic words do-it-yourself or DIY attract attention in both online and off-line advertising.

Your expertise can come from life-long experience at a particular craft or skill, or it can be newly acquired. It is the quality of the information that counts most because that is what people will pay for. The good news is that you can acquire a legitimately high level of expertise on almost any topic in very short order. You can sharpen your research skills on the computer to find almost anything online. A few hours in the crafts or lifestyle section of a public library can provide you with dozens of ideas.

Spend a few minutes at the magazine rack at your local Borders or Barnes & Noble bookstore. This is an excellent way to conduct market research because publishers do not introduce new magazines without first doing their homework about the expected demand. The cover stories and features stories will tell you what is hot right now.

You can market your expertise on line with e-books and video lecture series, and offline by giving lectures and seminars at various clubs and organizations, which will also provide you with the opportunity to sell your e-books and videos.

This is a hot area because it is trendy and will likely to remain so for the next several years.


Source by Peter Boston