Wow Patch 3.1 Analysis – Ptr


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“Well the PTR has started and public patch notes are already available! As you may have guessed this means that Just My Two Copper will be bringing you the news on what effect these changing game mechanics will have on the wow economy.

NOTE: Everything is subject to change on the PTR, there is an inherit risk of blizzard changing their minds at any moment if you act on the patch notes!

Here are my highlights of the patch notes released by World of Raids.

  • Increased the health granted by the Flask of Stoneblood.
  • Most of the recipes in the 1-300 skill range of blacksmithing have had their stats updated to be more useful.
  • Added a new recipe for the Titansteel Spellblade.
  • Titanium Plating now reduces the duration of disarm effects by 50% as well as increasing your block value.
  • Added a recipe for enchanting staves with spell power.
  • Several recipes in the 250-300 skill range have been rebalanced.
  • Added a new recipe to cut black diamonds.
  • Shadowskin Gloves and Dusky Boots no longer require Shadowcat Hide to create, but instead require an equal quantity of Shadow Silk. Shadowcat Hides can no longer be obtained from skinning.
  • There are TONS of new glyphs, I’m assuming that all will require northrend inscription which means that you will most likely get a unique glyph on patch day to sell for maximum price.

Analysis: Blizzard is trying to ‘balance’ old world items/enhancements and this could do wonders for these markets. The fact that they are improving the stats on craftable lowbie gear could mean best in slot items for pvp twinking (*cross your fingers*). The change to titanium plating means that pvp melee are going to start getting other weapon enchants to replace their titanium weapon chains… expect the value of titanium weapon chains to drop slighty and for titanium plating to rise greatly.


I also predict that dragon’s eyes are going to be used for epic gems in patch 3.1 (Part of the Black Diamond Recipe?). This is entirely speculation but if you have the gold and want to risk Blizzard NOT implementing some new uncut gem for epics then you will want to start stockpiling dragon’s eyes now before they become worth literally a thousand+ gold cut.

With the release of epic gems coming out, is it time to dump your blue gems? Will the price of blue gems plummet just like in Burning Crusade or will they stay around the same?”


Source by Markco Polo