Work At Home For An Online Expert Advice Site


There are plenty of online advice sites popping up on the internet now. If you have expertise in some area you can sign up and get paid by the minute for giving advice. The most common websites (and some of the most popular) are for psychics-especially during hard times-but psychological counseling is hitting a new high too. There is also a demand for medical advice and lots of students are willing to pay for answers to test questions. There are also freelance writing project sites where one can list their particular writing skills and get hired to ghost-write books, develop software projects, do technical writing and do editing. Those projects are generally priced out per project rather than minutes or hours but there are also temporary job offers for some.

With the economy the way it is, it helps to be able to think outside the box as far as jobs go. As long as you have computer and internet access, you can get paid while sitting comfortably at home or at the local coffee-house. The best part about working online is being able to sit around in bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, sipping coffee or tea and munching on whatever seems good…and getting paid by the minute to help someone. The computer rings when a client requests your service or will pop up a window to let you know a call is coming in. If the client likes your service, they may become a regular and will refer others to you. You can build a nice client base, all from your home desk.

Just remember that each site operates a little differently so your fee will have to reflect what you want to get that is beyond what the site will charge. Some sites charge a connection fee and a percentage, others charge a straight percentage. Most have a calculator that shows what your take will be at certain rates. You will have to create an online resume and ad for your service for each site and some will charge a per-click fee for every person who clicks onto your ad. That particular charge can become onerous as a click to view your ad does not guarantee that the viewer will actually hire you. The price per click can vary a lot, depending on how many people are online working and how much each one is willing to pay to get those clicks. If you’re not careful you could up paying a lot to be visible online.

There are also plenty of jobs available for tech support, billing questions and pretty much anything else in business. You just have to look for what you are qualified for and apply. Some businesses conduct interviews just like a brick and mortar store and others you create your own business under their shell (like the online expert advice sites). It may not pay as well as a per-hour job but at least it’s something you can do at home while you’re doing other things. All-in-all it’s very enjoyable and can be profitable too.

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