Why You Get Dry Skin Patches on Your Face (What to Do)


The most common reason you may get dry skin patches on your faces is from overcleansing.  But there are other causes that we will look at and then How to Heal Dry Skin Patches on Face.

Xeroderma is the term that doctors apply to excessive dryness anywhere on the body.  The areas that are commonly affected include the scalp, lower legs, arms, abdomen and thighs.  Peeling, scaling, itching, flaking and cracking is sometimes present, too.

Occupation Related Dryness Cause

The hands are commonly affected, particularly among people that must wash their hands frequently.  Doctors, dishwashers and cooks are a few examples of professions where excessive dryness is a common problem. 

Dishpan Hands Cause

In some cases, the dryness leads to another condition called detergent-related dermatitis.  The average guy might call it dishpan hands.  All of the symptoms above may be present, along with redness.

Cleanser Ingredients CauseMost detergents and cleansers contain sodium laurel sulfate.  Sodium laurel sulfate strips the skin’s naturally protective oils.  The oils are what help to hold moisture inside of the skin’s cells.  Stripping them away allows the moisture to evaporate.

So, your cleanser could be what causes dry skin patches on face, especially if it contains sodium laurel sulfate.  The use of a strong cleanser for removing makeup could be the problem, too.

Overdoing It Causes

In some cases, it is not the cleanser that you use, but simply the number of times per day that you wash your face.  Many people shower in the morning.They might take a workout break in the middle of the day, which will be followed by another shower.  We are supposed to wash off any makeup before we go to bed at night in order to avoid blemishes.  That’s three facial washings per day.

Exfoliants Cause

The use of exfoliants can be what causes dry skin patches on face.  Exfoliants are sometimes recommended as anti-aging treatments, because the outermost cells may not look as youthful as the ones beneath. 

They are supposed to increase the skin-cell turnover rate, which normally decreases with age.  While they might be beneficial, they can cause redness, itching and irritation.  Exfoliants should be used no more than twice a month, if at all.  There are better solutions for increasing the skin-cell turnover rate.

Toner Cause

The use of astringents or toners is another cause.  Those cosmetics contain alcohol.  Alcohol is one of the agents that strip the skin’s natural oils.

Benzoyl Peroxide Ointments Cause

If you have acne, the products you are using (or the medications you are taking) could be what causes dry skin patches on face.  Topically applied benzoyl peroxide ointments will cause the problem.  Taking the medication isotretinoin can cause it.  The use of topically applied synthetic retinoids can cause the problem, too.

Vitamin Deficiency Cause

In some instances, deficient intake of the vitamins A or D could be the issue, but other parts of the body would be affected, too.  Sun exposure could be the problem, but most people would know if that was the case.
Now that you know what causes dry skin patches on face, you probably want a solution.  You know that you cannot stop washing your face.  You will learn how to correct the problem in my next article. 

Now, all you need to know is how to correct the problem and prevent it from returning.  The next article will deal with How to Heal Dry Skin Patches on Face.  See link for article in the author-resource box below. The solution is simple to do.


Source by Margaret Bell