Where To Lookup Unknown Emails


Every email you receive has valuable information hidden in it. This information can even tell you the senders name and IP address if you know what you are looking at. If you are unsure how to find these details in the header then you will need to do a reverse email lookup. A reverse email lookup is taking the information in the header and descrambling it in order to get the factual information from it. 

There are many places on line where you can get a reverse email lookup done at. The best place to look though is with a company that conducts background searches. These companies are able to take the email search to a whole new level.

If you are just wanting a free basic search this can be done, but you will not find out who the sender is. Usually on the free searches you are learning who the person has their internet service with, sometimes you will get the actual IP address and you will see which city and state the email was sent from. IP addresses can be a little hard to get sometimes, it just depends on if the senders are using a free service or a paid one.

If you are looking for the name of the person that sent you the email then you will have to take things a step farther. Locate a background search company and enter in the information they need from the details link. You will learn the basic information about the email once again, but for a small fee you will be able to learn everything about the email.

You will now be shown the name of the person behind the email. You can not only learn the name of the person, but the address and sometimes even the phone number. This is possible because the companies usually have actual people working for them and they can manually find the information you are looking for. That is why the reverse email search will cost you a small fee. By the company having actual people doing the work for you it helps with dealing with false information that the sender entered into the email account when they set it up. These companies are trained at looking at every little detail in order to get the results you need at the time.

These services are not in place so you can harass others. They are there so you can learn if you should respond to the email or if you should report it as spam. It is a tool in order to cut down on the spammers getting their emails into your inbox. If you do not know the actual sender of the email then it is wise to never open it. The sender could have attached a virus or even a Trojan that you will get on your system when you open the email. Unfortunately if there is something attached to the email you run the risk of your computer crashing or your personal information being taken.


Source by Don Zens