What Are Mystery Shopper Jobs?


Just about every type of business relies on repeat customers and word of mouth. In order to get both of these, many businesses hire people to test their business to see how the buying experience is for them. This is what mystery shopper jobs are all about. They are a way for anyone to get a paid position eating in restaurants, shopping and hiring service companies.

There are different levels of mystery shoppers, from ordinary shoppers to silver certified to gold certified shoppers. Most mystery shopper jobs rely on a system that gives experienced, highly-rated mystery shoppers the fist pick of the best mystery shopper jobs. In order to get a little bit of a leg up on the competition, some mystery shoppers go through the certification process to get silver certification. This requires studying some online documents and then taking a certification test. To get gold certification, it’s necessary to attend a course and to take a test in person. This national certification is recognized by all mystery shopping companies.

Even without certification, anyone can sign up with mystery shopping companies in order to get on the list of available shoppers. The only thing that is generally required is to look through the company’s training materials and to take an online quiz. The biggest variable in how easy it is to get signed up for shops is usually the location of the mystery shopper. Those who live in large metropolitan areas will have access to more jobs, but they will also have more competition. Even those in relatively rural areas have opportunities to sign up to shop at local stores, though they may be available less often. Mystery shopper jobs are a great way to get paid for what we all have to do anyway – shop.


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