Using Order Fulfillment Companies To Expand Your Online Business


The United Kingdom is one of the most advance internet markets in Europe spending more online than any other European country. A shocking 30 hours a week is the average time spent on the computer using the internet and just two years ago internet advertising spend out loud the amount spent on television advertising; And it's still growing. With this in mind it's no wonder that more and more companies are utilizing this avenue, even if they are not based in the UK.

An internet business can be run from anywhere in the world, but the postage of the products needs special consideration. A lot of items bought on the internet are gifts for other people and if these are posted from aboard postage time significantly increases. This may take you out of the specific market for those shopping late for their gifts, as they would not arrive in time for the special occasion. Shipping from outside the UK is also more expensive and in a field that is fiercely competitive a small difference in shipping costs can make or break a company.

So what is the solution for someone looking to expand their online business to the UK? Actually there are many order fulfillment companies based in the UK that can handle all of the packing and delivery for you. They keep the products in their warehouse and fulfill the orders when they come in. This not only saves on the postage problems but also the organization of fulfilling the orders and providing a storage solution for the products until they are shipped.

Due to the significant advantages order fulfillment companies offer that they are not just used by foreign businesses. Many companies in the UK also outsource the whole of their distribution of products. When you have a company that completely takes care of packing and shipping the orders it leaves considerable time free for other areas. Usually since order fulfillment companies ship items in bulk saving can be made on postage items.

When choosing an order fulfillment company, it is important to look at the facilities that they have available. Do they offer complete security in the warehouse your items are kept, such as an overnight watchman and CCTV? When is their cut of time for dispatching an item? This is important as it will affect your estimated delivery time for your customers. It is also important to ensure how they will integrate with your order processing system as to how you will know what has been dispatched and when.


Source by Sue Mitchell