Tips to Raise Your Online Conversions


Attracting traffic to your website is only the first step if your website is a landing page attempting to sell a product or a service. You need to take things a step further by going beyond simply attracting someone to your website – You need to get a conversion. Regardless of whether you are simply trying to capture an e-mail address for a newsletter, trying to sell a product, or trying to sell a service, conversions are going to matter. They are the difference between a quick visit to your website, and actually getting something usable out of the people that come to your website.

Here are some tips for raising your conversions:

– Make sure that you are using plenty of examples in your copy. This is going to allow your target audience to have a complete understanding of the pitch that you are offering.

– Build more credibility for yourself by using terms that may not be understood by your readers but that they can easily follow if you explain them simply. This is going to show them that yes, you are an expert in your niche.

– Take the time to reveal just how excited you are about what you are offering. Use your words, or show a picture of yourself looking excited to show that yes, this is something that you are passionate about.

– Take the time to tell or show your target audience that you were once in their position. Now take the time to explain to them how what you are offering helped to pull you out of that very position that they are in now.

– At the end of your copy, make sure that you are challenging your readers in some way. If the product or service isn’t going to solve their problem, offer them something in return – Give them an offer they simply cannot refuse.

– Ask your audience questions in order to get them involved in the ad copy that you are giving them. They are automatically going to begin to answer these questions in their mind, and their willingness to participate will translate into more conversions.

– Start your ad copy out with a story, as it will draw people into your ad. They are going to quickly forget that you are selling them anything.

– You should stick to less than five points in your copy because if you try to touch on too many different topics, then your readers are likely going to become confused or overwhelmed, and this is not going to get you any conversions.

– Make the ad-reading experience a positive one for everyone that comes to your landing page and reads what you have to say. Educate them on a subject, make them laugh. Touch them in some way and you will reap positive results.


Source by James B Trent