The WiFi Security technology


People use both cable networks and wireless networks, especially in spaces where cables can’t be used. In places like historical buildings, campuses, malls, airports etc. it would be really difficult or even forbidden to use cables for Internet access. This is the reason why, in such spaces, using WiFi technology – meaning Wireless Fidelity technology – is the right solution. Of course, using wireless Internet implies also WiFi Security and web content filter, in accordance with the place where the Internet is used.

WiFi technology uses high frequency radio waves and it can be used to transmit or receive data over distances until one hundred meters (indoors) or three hundred meters (outdoors). Because WiFi is different than wire technology, the methods of protection should be adapted to it.

Being based on radio waves, the wireless fidelity technology works with the help of a rooter that sends radio signals. For a better WiFi security method, it is important to place the device in the center of the building. Usually, WiFi signal reaches the exterior of homes or small buildings and placing the rooter as centered as possible it will prevent leakage of large amount of signal.

Another WiFi security measure is to shut down your network during the long periods of non-use. WiFi technology can be a little bit easier attacked because it is impossible to establish the exact area where the signal will reach. This is the reason why protection measures must be effective.

Under these circumstances, a very good method is to use a web content filter, so only certain websites can be visited and the access to others is restricted. There are effective solutions that can be used and one of it is represented by the Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS). It is a device really powerful that counteracts WiFi security risks.

A WiFi security measure, different than the web content filter, is for every user to have independent authentication details on all computers and the obligation to not make public these data. WiFi networks are less secure than cabled ones and this is the reason why protection measures should be more powerful. Using web content filter, a company or a person controls what information from the Internet can be accessed by different users. It is an important method of protection because unwanted access on different websites will be blocked.

No matter what security measures are used for protecting a network, it is really important for them to exist at the right place and at the right moment, especially as WiFi security techniques. Beside the web content filter, many administrators use other methods, all made for protecting the WiFi technology against malicious intents or just accidental ones. Otherwise, possible losses can be unreplaceable for the company. And this is something that nobody wants.


Source by Jhoana Cooper