The Web TV Show – Is It A New Web Revenue Stream For Your Business?


Doing business has changed dramatically since people have relied on the Internet for virtually everything. From communications to transactions, the World Wide Web has played a significant part in advancing people's lives. And companies-in every industry-have paid particular attention to this evolution. This is not only because it'll get them exposure but also it's far cheaper to do than TV advertising. But a new dawn is breaking and today, the Internet can be combined with television, creating the latest way for businesses to connect with consumers: the web TV show.

Market research firm In-Stat finds that American consumers will use more than 200 million web-enabled devices by 2014, that the average household will own five to 10 devices, and that 27 million households now watch downloaded content. From transferred data through game consoles to streamed content from computers to high definition TVs, it would seem that every household would have access to the Internet through different devices, that is, other than their computers and smartphones. Clearly, there is intense potential for reaching markets and earning profits through web TV shows.

So you'll find a growing number of businesses and entrepreneurs producing, editing, and posting free or low-cost videos packaged into a series. This newfound approach to marketing is being explored by known Internet marketing experts the likes of James Reynolds, who blog recently ran an article on Andrew Lock's web show called "Help My Business," which is considered by Apple's iTunes store to be the most popular marketing Web show. The article also came with a podcast interview of Lock (who is a marketing consultant and former TV producer) wherein listeners find out just how his web-based TV show is put together. Here, visitors to Reynolds's blog also find out how they can put their own web-based TV show together; They get insight as to how Lock himself makes money from his shows; What equipment they can use to produce and cut their shows; How to attract viewers to each episode, and other critical factors to earning profit from web-based TV shows.

Entrepreneurs and startup businesses can rely on the relatively minimal cost it takes to produce a web-based TV show. But it will need to, of course, be interesting and engaging enough to get audiences (like maybe work in a World Record feat for one of the episodes). And not just any kind of audience, but ones who will stay glued and then persuaded to either look into buying a product or acquiring a service that is being promoted on the web show. Once a compiling number of viewers pour in, you can also make money from your web-based show by attracting corporate sponsors.


Source by Josh A. Thorren