The Best Way To Manage Your Pain Relief For Tension Headaches


A tension headache can be debilitating and we all know what it is like to rummage through the medicine cabinet in search of pain relief for tension headaches, unfortunately these do not always seem to work. As we have been told in so many circumstances, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Well, to prevent a tension headache we need to understand what makes them occur and perhaps we will be able to reduce the number of times we have to resort to pain relief.

During periods of our lives we require pain relief from tension headaches. Sometimes these headaches can last intermittently for weeks, and taking continuous medication is probably not the best solution. A tension headache is rarely in just one place, it usually spreads from behinds the eyes, around the forehead and temples, down the neck and into the shoulders. Finding pain relief for tension headaches is hard enough, but to find relief from all the other related symptoms is even harder. One of the most effective forms of relief for tension headaches is some fresh air, bearing in mind that these headaches are often triggered by environmental and social situations it makes sense that by changing scenery and going to a calm place that you will find some relief. This does not have to be jumping on a plane to a desert island, simply removing yourself perhaps from the study or kitchen and having a couple of minutes quiet time in the garden or living room.

Sometimes fresh air will not offer relief for tension headaches, especially if these are caused by your body already fighting against a viral illness. In these situations it is best to take a mild pain relief for tension headaches and then having rest to help get over the virus. The headache may by your bodies cry for rest. If you cannot find relief for your tension headache or any other pains which you think may be associated then you should visit your general practitioner for further advice.

If you are regularly suffering from tension headaches you should try to work out the triggers for these. Knowing your personal triggers for headaches will help you to manage your pain relief for tension headaches. You will always know your body better than anyone else, however, in our busy lives it is easy to forget to listen to our bodies. If you are going through a patch of suffering badly from headaches it is definitely worth taking note of when these occur and if there are any consistently recurring factors.

It is believed that dehydration can lead to headaches, so if you are prone to tension headaches it is worth ensuring that you are drinking plenty of water as this may reduce the amount of medication you will need to manage your pain relief for tension headaches.

At the end of the day, most tension headaches are caused by the stressful way in which we lead our lives. Unfortunately we cannot easily take a break and have time to ourselves, but it is always worth trying to have some quiet time.


Source by Jon Kelly