Success in Business is Only a Numbers Game


Success in Business really isn’t all that difficult if you truly understand that success is a numbers game. The person who exposes the most people to his or her business or opportunity generally speaking is going to be the person that is going to have the most success. The key to success in online business or offline business is to not get too attached to the numbers and the results.

Let’s say you sign up someone for a free trial or free sample. They use the product or service and decide they do not want to upgrade to become an ongoing customer. Does that mean that your business or business opportunity doesn’t work? Absolutely not! What that simply means is that right now the customer has made a decision not to take advantage of this valuable service or product at this point in time. However, who’s to say that the next person that you show the product or service to won’t not only become a customer but purchase some of your additional products as well? In fact who’s to say that 6 months later, the initial person you signed up won’t come back to you and say that they are now ready to sign up as an agent, affiliate or sales person for you? Some of the people that have built the largest organizations in the business opportunity industry initially were not interested when they were first exposed to the company they joined.

Unfortunately, people do not walk around with “WILL BUY” or “WONT BUY” written on their heads. Therefore, there is no way we can know beforehand whether someone would be interested in our products or our business opportunity. The only way that we can find out for sure is to expose as many people as possible and let them decide whether this product and / or business opportunity is for them or not. The best way to ensure your success with your business is to expose as many people as you are able to your products, services and / or your business opportunity.

Think about this for a second.

Imagine if we played a card game. Each of us is given a deck of cards. The object of the game is to find the four Aces in the deck as fast as we can. You take your deck and start flipping the cards over. When you flip the first card over and it’s a 10 of spades, would you sit there and ponder as to why the 10 of spades isn’t an Ace? Would you yell and get mad and throw the cards up in the air and say, “this game is stupid there are no Aces in this deck? Would you get a pen and try to turn the 10 of spades into an Ace?

Absolutely not, that would be preposterous! You would keep flipping through the deck until you find the first Ace. Then you would continue flipping until you find the 2nd, 3rd and 4th aces in the deck. You would do this because you know that the four aces are in the deck and the faster you find them the faster you are going to win the game.

However, so many people do the equivalent of what I described above when it comes to their business. When they get a prospect that is not interested in becoming a customer or becoming an agent, they stop flipping and ponder why the customer isn’t interested. They get mad and say that their business doesn’t work. They go into ‘convince mode’ and try to convince the customer that is not interested, and try to make them interested.

Just as you would just flip to the next card, you should do the same thing in your prospecting efforts. Here is something that you need to understand if you want to have success in your business.

Most people are not going to be interested in becoming a customer or becoming an agent. Why would someone rather work hard at a job when they can sit at home and make money on a computer for instance is beyond me? However, just understand most people are not going to be interested in becoming a customer or becoming a sales agent.

Some people are only going to be interested in becoming a customer. They have no interest in getting involved in the business opportunity. This is fine! You want and need to have customers, as it is the customers that are going to pay your residual income.

There are other people who are going to become a customer and become an agent but they are simply not going to sign up a single customer or a single agent. I have no idea why this is the case, but understand it is. Maybe they simply want to take advantage of a discount you may be offering and that’s it.

Some people will sign up as a customer and an agent. They will sign up a couple of customers and then they will quit. Why do they quit? They just quit. Those are the quitters in life. Understand that and move on.

Others will sign up a few customers, maybe recruit a few distributors once and a while and that’s about it. That’s all they are ever going to do. Don’t get mad at those people because they aren’t superstars. Be grateful that you have some people contributing to your residual income.

Finally you will have a small group of people that are the Aces. These are the people that understand how great your product is, they understand how attractive your business opportunity is and they have made a decision to just go for it. These are the people that are going to allow you to retire with an incredible passive and residual income and help you to get your mortgage paid and drive that brand new Aston Martin!

So how do you find these Aces in your business? By going through the people not interested, the people that become customers only, the people who join as agents and do nothing, the people that join and quit and the people that do a little bit. It’s the same as finding the four Aces by flipping through all the other cards in the deck.Success in Business is simply a numbers game. Put the numbers in your favour and success is yours for the taking.


Source by Eric Cole