Squeeze Pages – Four Basic Elements & How to Use Them in Your Online Business – Part 1


What are the four basic elements a squeeze page should have so that it adheres to the search engine standards and how to use them in your online business to be successful. I will discuss the elements one at a time. The elements are as follows:

1) Above the Fold Page Design

2) Optimized Opt in Form

3) Targeted Headline

4) A Benefit Set

We will Discuss it further:

1) Web Page Design (Above The Fold):

So, now you would be thinking what is "Above the fold page"? Let me explain, this is a page which does not have a scroll bar, all of the content of the page is visible as soon as a person visits your page. This is important because all the information about your product or service is visible to the visitor at the first glance, and then you can make take the ultimate action for which you have designed the page and that is to ask for more information about your product or Service.

The second important element of the squeeze page is,

2) Opt in Form:

The main reason we create a squeeze page is that we want the contact information of the person who is visiting our page, so that we can follow up and extremely sell the product or service. To do this, we require a good opt in form. I mean that it should be the last thing when the visitor is reading your page. The basic thing of a good opt in is that the visitor should not enter a huge number of personal information. Just a personal email and first name is more than enough for following up with the person.

So, I discussed the first two elements a good page should join, the next two elements are described in the next part of this article.


Source by Kuunal Desshmukh