SiteReviewsAuthority Review – A Website That Reviews Home-Based Businesses


Many of us have encountered websites offering different home-based businesses that allow us to earn money online. SiteReviews is unique and looks to be a very helpful site because what it does is make unbiased reviews of home-based business opportunities. was set up by Dr. Richard Stera, who developed a scale that is used to rate different online business opportunities. By using this scale, they are able to evaluate different websites and provide their overall rating.

This is indeed a very helpful site especially for those who would like to know if a particular website that is offering an opportunity to make money online is worth a closer look. The rating scale being used is called the SRA Five Key-Essentials Evaluation. It uses the following elements: investment return, targeting potential, security, ease of use and customer service. By using these elements, the site is able to provide an overall rating of different websites.

This website summarizes a review of 173 different online business opportunities for those who want to work from their own homes. Based on their methodology, a large percentage of the sites that were reviewed could be considered a scam. However, they do not list the websites that they reviewed.

The criteria used by this site to evaluate a business opportunity website are well thought out. Some of the criteria used include the following: opportunity to achieve the desired income, detailed information, ease of use, links within the site, a help section and personal support.

As already mentioned, the site does not list what particular websites were reviewed, although three particular sites are presented as trustworthy. This means that the three websites can be trusted to provide a great opportunity to work from home. The three sites mentioned are, and

This website does not provide other details about the three sites, except to provide the result of their overall rating and recommend them as potential home business opportunities. This, of course, is expected. Those who are interested in any of the recommended websites should visit the sites and see for themselves if the business opportunity offered by the site is suitable for them.

This website should be looked upon only as a guide in searching for business opportunities online. In fact, it does not claim to be the ultimate authority on reviewing business opportunity websites. It does not have a good rating scale, but in the end it will be you who will make the final decision.


Source by Calven O'Reiley