Popular Side Effects Of The Kugel Mesh Patch


There are several contrasting forms of hernias that people can suffer from and each one is thought to be rather uncomfortable and even severe now and again. There are contrasting methods of fixing them and one unique method was the usage of the kugel mesh patch. However, this proved to be an error that many physicians made and it was shortly to have known side effects that would make the hernia worse rather then better.

When people started acknowledging the side effects that were evidently being caused by the patch the Food and Drug Administration began to withdraw them to make a point that no more individuals hurt from it. The portion of the patch that does not function is called the ‘memory recoil ring’. This would break and when this occurs it will stimulate intense side effects.

Bowel Obstruction

This trouble is a total or partial obstruction of the intestines. There are many things that can induce this include hernias, tumors, medications, gallstones, scar tissue, and also foreign objects in the body like the patch. This problem can cause the person profound stomach pain, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation. If it is goes untreated it can stimulate bowel perforation, gangrene, and an infection.

Chronic Enteric Fistulas

This is a connection that is created between the two portions of the intestine. The more standard symptom is serious abdominal pain – but there are a few who hurt more serious symptoms. It is viable for the gap of the fistula to close while the others are opened up. When this happens it will induce the contents of the bowel to accumulate to large quantities. This is able to create an infection that will travel into the blood stream.

Bowel Perforation

When there is a gap in the intestinal wall all that is being held within it will be pressed into the abdominal cavity. This development is able to cause critical stomach pain, high fever, and vomiting. When it is not addressed it will be able to stimulate sepsis and a blood infection that could be potentially fatal. Reports have showed that close to seven patients that have utilised the kugel mesh patch have suffered from this development.


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