Military Patches Is An Excellent Hobby!


When it comes to military patch colelcting and trading the approach to th hobby is as unique as the person doing the collecting. Many of the determining factors with regard to patch collecting can often begin withthe military branch the collector was part of whether as a soldier in the US Army, a Marine in the United States Marine Corps, a saolor in the United States Navy, Airmen with the United States Air force or Guardsman with the US Coast Guard.

There is pride in patch colelcting becase that person spent time in that branch, or was involved in a specific military unit that carried with it a specific motto, latine phrase that distinguished it from another unit or the mission type and roles and functions that military unit performed.

The military patch collector also is looking for authenticity of the patch when it comes to collecting. Was the patch actually collected by the unit. Was it manufactured for that unit or is it a reproduction? Military patch collectors have the ability to discern a unique miitary patch from a reproduction. Companies that offer military insignia should if they don;t already distinguish authentic or rare from one that is reproduced. This makes it easier for those that are serious about patch colelcting from making leaps of faith decisions when purchases unit patches.

What are some of the secrets to learning what is fake from what is real when it comes to a patch? Threads. The patches threads is one way to learning what is real and what is fake in terms of military unit patches. Polyester patches will show up brightly under a black light verses a cotton thread patch which will distinguish it more as a authentic insignia verses its reproduced countrpart. Patch forums on the internet are also an excellent way to learn more about a particular patch and asking questions form other intensely involved collectors. 

What is the most important thing about patch collecting that is often overlooked is that it is meant to be fun. It is still a hobby and many people forgot that its not just about the collecting and finding that rare and expensive patch but also remembering why you are doing it. Whether your interest stems from owning a piece of history like an authentic 101st Airborne Divisionpatch worn ona soldiers uniform during the Second World War Battle At Normandy and the airdrop excperienced there or perhaps a ship like the USS Midway as another example. Patch collecting was mean to be fun and should remain so whether you are s mall colelctor witha shoe box full of little known patches or a more serious collector with hundreds if not thousands of authentic military patches. Keep in mind that patch collecting is also about trading with another collector to acquire a rare patch both of you do not yet possess. 

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Source by Warrior Poetry