Innovative Online Business Applications For The Small Business


Quality online business solutions for the new entrepreneur are sometimes hard to find. If they are free then they aren’t functional, and if they’re functional they’re out of your price range.

Although more effective business solutions are coming within range of new small businesses ‘free’ is always in budget.

A new tool that was recently upgraded and integrated with some interesting productivity tools was Skype. Skype, introduced to the Internet in 2003 quickly became indispensable to marketers who were using instant messaging with poor audio quality.

Talking on Skype was always like talking on a cell phone. No two way radio quality here.

With their new release there are ways for online partners to work on the same document at the same time. They have voice mail and an audio attendant for small businesses. Use the popular Pamela recorder to make a copy of your Skype calls. Need to interview an expert in your field and want to record the conversation without too many bells and whistles? Pamela recorder is right at your fingertips.

Of course there are games – where would we be without online games? Backgammon, Dominoes, Battleship, and Suduko are just a few. The ability to personalize your avitar has been improved tremendously. Of course that option is great for your teenage daughter.

Looking for productivity tools? Transclick for Skype uses online translation software so you can automatically send messages in one language and it’s translated immediately for your reader. Have a partner in another country? This is perfect!

You can share applications, connect desktops during a Skype call and high speed conferencing for up to 500 users. Are you a small business looking for low cost applications to make your life easier? You just found them! Send the link to your partners, your mastermind group and who ever else you work with online.

This is viral marketing at its best – great quality, great products. They are currently monetizing with their computer to landline phone calls and text messages to mobile devices. Will other options have a price tag later? Until they do enjoy the freedom that Skype allows the small business-person.


Source by Gail Trahd