I Hate Scam Artists


You have to watch out for emails from websites that you use. I don’t know if you use ebay or Paypal, but even sites like GoDaddy and Amazon that have your credit card information you have to be careful with. They’ll send you a harmless looking email that looks just like it came from the site. You’ll click a link which opens a new page and you try to log into your account to answer the question they asked or address the issue they contacted you about. The window that opens however, is not the real site, but a replica that records your keystrokes. Once they have your username and password they can get your address and c.c. number.

I don’t usually fall for that stuff, but they almost got me a few weeks ago. I clicked the link and logged in. Only after did I realize that the site was registered in Russia. I immediately logged into my email, Paypal and eBay account to change the passwords. I did it just in time. Ten minutes later all of those accounts were frozen because somebody was trying to log in numerous times.

Also, email accounts are the easiest things to crack. Once they know your email password they can find messages that you’ve stored and find out what other sites you use. They will then go to those sites and click the ‘forgot password’ link. The site will email the password to you – and since they have access to your email – they can get all of your passwords.

You should delete all of the messages in your inbox from companies that you do business with. Copy and past the info into a word document and then password protect it. Or, print it out and save it somewhere. You should also choose a password that uses a combination of capital /lower-case letters, numbers and symbols. That way, the automated programs that hackers use to figure out passwords will take so long to figure out yours, that they will just move onto to another account.


Source by Cleo