How to Stop Tabnabbing


What is Tabnabbing?

Tabnabbing can occur when visiting a legitimate website. If your browser supports Tabs (which there is a 95% chance it will) then you could be at risk. When switching between tabs on your web-browser an internet scammer can ‘switch’ one of the tabs without you knowing. The crook can then make a fake webpage look like a legitimate one. It’s very difficult to spot this and it’s likely that you can end up giving your bank, credit card, email or social-site details to this online thief.

Am I at risk from Tabnabbing?

As mentioned above almost everyone is at risk from Tabnabbing. This is for a number of reasons: over 95% of web-users use a browser that supports tabs — this is how the scam occurs. It’s not possble to detect the Tabnabbing visually — it occurs behind the scenes. A scam webpage will look EXACTLY like a legitimate webpage — not just similar but identical!

How can I get scammed by Tabnabbing?

Because of the subtlety in the way that online crooks implement Tabnabbing it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to detect. It is even possible for these scam-artists to access information in your browser, see the sites where you have been, and then switch a FAKE site into your tabs. Without knowing it you can be giving your information to the crook when you think you are typing your details into a legitimate website.

What can happen when I get Tabnabbed?

It is very easy for an online scammer to get hold of your credit card details, online banking information, emails account information, etc. Basically, they can get ANYTHING that you type online.

How to stop Tabnabbing?

Since Tabnabbing is the latest and most viscious of online scams you must do your best to protect yourself and learn how to stop tabnabbing.


Source by Ian M