How to Plan a Competent Strategy on Making Money Online


Who said that making money online is hard? Hard is a word that if defined by me as "easy", then it would be easy, simple as that! It's all in the mind, visualize the end in mind and it will happen. Making money is not hard as you think it is as long as you are determined and dedicated to make things that work for you. Online gives information is just a click away, making money should be as easy as that.

With the knowledge and determination you have, I'm sure making money online is easy as counting from 1 to 10. Online gives opportunity to individuals from different walks of life, different origins and different skills. It's an opportunity for all. Since that is case let's get started to it.

What do you intend to do online?

  • This is one of the first things you need to have answer with. Are you trying to be an advertiser, a writer, a blogger, a website developer or anything under the sun that has relevance to online world? You need to be specific to land on a job that would grant you extra money. Applying to all of these will consume time and will not give you focus. What if all of those opportunities knock and needs immediate response, you will certainly get confuse on what to do first and what to prioritize.

How much time are you willing to offer?

  • The time you spent online is a basis of how much you can earn. If you consider writing as an opportunity for you and devote an hour online, you would certainly end up losing your employer. Why did I say that? Usually employers give you a specific quota to write and he says that you need to submit 10 writings a day, are you sure you are able to commit to 10 writings in an hour?
  • Although you are in control of your time in online money making, you also need to budget your time. Time is crucial to making money online.

To land a wonderful online money making job, you need to plan. Know the things you need to accomplish, how much time you are willing to commit, what are your strategies, how much earning do you intend to have and the possible obstacles that you might encounter. Aside from planning, learn to survive. Do not quit. Many who venture to online money making quit within the first three months.

The best way to accelerate your learning curve of an online business, to find a coach or mentor that will provide one-on-one assistance. With the economy struggling, there has never been a better time to start an online business.


Source by Richard Crooke