How Custom Biker Patches Have Become a Part of Motorcyclist History


By Caryn Smith © 2010, All Rights Reserved

Custom embroidered patches are a big part of a motorcyclist’s heritage.  They help identify the different organizations that they are involved with as well as make a distinctive souvenir to wear on a jacket or vest.  Ranging in size, shape, style, color, and design, the versatile products are rich in personal meaning as well as historical symbolism.  Generations of bikers have proudly created custom patches to wear decade after decade.

Patches for Fundraising Purposes

In addition to providing identification for motorcyclists and clubs around the nation, the small pieces of memorabilia have been created and sold at fundraisers for family members of fallen riders.  These items help keep the memory of a motorcyclist alive.  They also assist the spouses and children of bikers by providing them with everyday necessities.

Prisoner of War (POW) and Missing in Action (MIA) patches are very commonplace in biker communities.  These items help show support and keep the memory of our soldiers fresh in our minds.  In fact, the slogan, “You are not forgotten,” sums up this sentiment entirely.

Promoting Strength and Camaraderie

Biker patches promote strength and camaraderie.  They have become a symbol of friendship and goodwill.  Many motorcycle clubs have a big presence in their communities.  They remain active citizens by being involved in charitable events.  Custom patches can be created as a way of announcing each event before it happens.  This helps generate interest in the group and the message that they are trying to promote.

Biker Patch Symbolism

From a historical aspect, biker patches have been created in one to three pieces.  A one-piece patch signifies a motorcycle association with ties to a manufacturer like Harley Davidson.  A two-piece patch is ordinarily affiliated with a riding club.  A three-piece patch is common with “outlaw,” military, and veteran’s club.

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