Don’t Be Too Sociable – 5 Things Never to Put in Your Online Profile


Social networks have become an important part of people’s everyday life. The popularity of Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, to name but a few, shows that social networks are not a passing fad. While many people use these sites for personal or business reasons, there are some people who have a more sinister reasons for viewing people’s profiles. Since most social network sites do not restrict who can view your profile, you should be careful of what you include. Here are five things you should watch out for when filling out your profile.


Many people choose to post a picture in their profile. If you decide to include a picture in your profile, make sure that it is nothing very revealing or seductive. Your picture should be one that your even your parents would approve of you using. There are many unsavoury people viewing these profiles so don’t give them a reason to target yours.


Never give your full name in a profile. This may seem like common sense but far too many people include their surname. There are thousands of Mary’s in the world but there considerably less people, for example, named Mary Bishop. Don’t make finding you any easier.


Never give your actual location. Always select a large city in a different province or state. Granted it is probably safe to mention you live in New York City but what if you lived in a small town of 1500 people? It would be quite easy to find Mary Bishop in a town of 1500 people even if you didn’t have her picture.


You should never mention where you are attending school. This does not matter if you are junior high, high school or university. This not only helps locate you, but it tells a person when you will be at this location.


It is okay to say that you work for a law firm but don’t say that your work for the law firm pf Sue, Sue and Sue. Just like telling a person where you go to school, telling someone where you work not only tells them where you are but the times you’ll be there.


Source by Alan Broderick