Does the Nicocure Patch Really Work for Those Who Want to Quit Smoking


If you are reading this article then you are most likely a smoker who has at least considered the possibility of quitting. There are a great many quit smoking programs, products, and techniques available, one of them being the NicoCure quit smoking patch. Smokers often have varying reasons for wanting to quit such as improving their health, increasing their lifespan, being around to take care of their families, or just to avoid the harassment that todays smokers often receive from the anti-smoking sector. An ideal quit smoking product would be all natural with no dangerous drugs, does not use nicotine substitutes, has a high success ratio, and controls the dreaded nicotine withdrawal symptoms. NicoCure claims that it does all these things and this article looks at the validity of these claims and investigates whether the NicoCure quit smoking patch really does help people quit smoking.

The NicoCure quit smoking patch uses an all natural herbal based remedy that contains the extract of Lobelia Inflata which is a North American herb that is said to improve the respiratory tract of anybody that takes it. In addition to helping to clear the lungs, it is said that Lobelia will remove all cravings in as little as 10 days but may take up to 30 days to be completely effective. The manufacturer of NicoCure also makes an interesting claim that if a smoker lights up while wearing the patch, the Lobelia extract will interact with the tobacco and make the taste extremely unpleasant giving further incentive to quit smoking. Being an all natural herbal extract, the NicoCure patch does not contain any nicotine.

Many quit smoking cures rely on nicotine replacement to curb the smokers cravings while trying to quit and to many people this philosophy may appear ludicrous. After all, it is the nicotine that the smoker is addicted to and it should be the goal of a quit smoking program to remove the nicotine addiction instead of replacing it with a different source such as gums and nicotine patches. Many smokers who use some type of nicotine replacement therapy often fail to quit mainly because while they may quit the smoking habit for awhile, they never break the powerful nicotine addiction. It is even said that some people who do manage to quit smoking remain addicted to the cure and cant quit using the gum or nicotine patches.

Obviously, nicotine withdrawal can be very unpleasant causing symptoms such as irritability, weight gain, nervousness, and insomnia and is the main reason that many smokers trying to quit give up. The NicoCure quit smoking patch claims that it will reduce these terrible cravings as soon as you begin wearing it and completely remove them within 10-30 days, all without using any nicotine or other drugs. The manufacturer says that NicoCure utilizes the healing properties of its all natural herbal formula to completely eliminate the smokers body of its need for nicotine. This sounds great but does it really work?

The NicoCure team says that the quit smoking patch was extensively researched and tested for 10 years and claims a quit smoking success rate of 97% compared to around 20% for nicotine replacement programs. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee for those that dont find it to work as claimed. NicoCure claims that there is nothing similar to its quit smoking patch available on the market today. The manufacture says that it has developed its own special blend of herbal extracts concentrated to allow the use of only 1 patch while other herbal remedy products require you to take 3 or more formulas each day just to achieve the same potency of NicoCure.

As with most quit smoking programs and products, NicoCure makes claims that may seem too good to be true. NicoCure claims a very high success rate but then most products that are trying to make a sale make the same claim and if all products worked as well as claimed, there would be very few smokers left in the world. While it is hard to substantiate the claims of most quit smoking programs including NicoCure, testimonials show that many people have benefited from this program and it may very well work for you as well.


Source by Rick Churchill