Detox Foot Patches – Do You Want To Use It ?


It is a known fact that the Detox Foot Patches contain natural ingredients to remove the toxins that have built up over time through out your body. This well known herbal mineral extracted from Brazil named tourmaline which is a silicate mineral that contains a complex composition containing boron, aluminum and a unique color. The foot patch user will notice that the first few nights of using the product, in the morning the pads reveal a dark residue. The makers of the patch claim that this dark residue is a sign that the detox pads have extracted the harmful toxins stored in your body during the night.

With new innovations and medical sciences, man can extend our life expectancies and prolong our life. We can now eliminate or relieve painful symptoms many diseases will spread. However, with these medical advances, it brings about side effects that leave traces of toxins in our body. In addition, sedatives and stimulants that we consume also add to the amount of toxins in our body. Different detox products are made specifically to help various parts of the body. Thus before you are consuming or applying any detox products, you should consult a doctor or medical practitioner. Detox foot pads are one of the most recent products to be used by the health and wellness industry. Although they have been used in Japan for many years, they have only recently become available in the West. They are worn on the feet at night as part of a ‘detox’ health regime.

Not everybody that has used Japanese foot pads has felt an improvement in health. But then again, this is true of just about any health product. Nicotine chewing gum has a less than 50% success rate in helping people quit smoking; should it be banned? Of course not. To the people that have derived some benefit, it has changed their lives. The natural ingredients in the foot detox pads are designed to gently allow your body to excrete the harmful waste. These ingredients work on the outside of your body– no chemicals or unsafe product will enter in. They are simple to use, you just place the detox foot pads on the arch of your feet before bed and they will gently work their magic while you are sleeping, then you simply remove them in the morning and throw away the waste. The Japanese detox foot pads are pads that contain natural extracts from certain trees (essence of wood vinegar; or sap from Beech, Oak, and Sakura trees; together with chitosan, purified silica, pearl stone, starch and polyolic alcohol; it also contains Tourmaline) and they are believed to work best when used with reflexology. These foot pads work by placing them on the sole of the feet before going to bed at night.


Source by john smith