Content In Many Places Will Get Customers Online


There are many strategies to get customers online. Some of them are free while some of them are not so free. The bottom line is this; to gain more customers on the Internet, you need more traffic. Once you get the traffic, it then becomes a matter of conversion. The higher the conversion rate, the higher the sales will be. To get more traffic on the Internet, here is a rule of thumb. ‘More content in more places equals more customers’. That is the long and short way of it. There is not a way to short cut the process. Even PPC Ads will place your content in more places. So, are there other ways to reach people besides PPC advertising? Sure.

The first way is through email marketing. There are two ways to get an e-mail list. The first is to buy or rent a list. This can be rather expensive but does payoff. Some folks may not have the money to invest in a list at first. For them they will have to do it the old-fashioned way and build the list themselves. This can be done in several ways. One way is to write informative articles about stuff people want but is relative to your product. They can download your articles in exchange for their e-mail address. Another way is to give away a free product or service when they sign up using their e-mail address. Whatever method used, it is going to take some time to build up a fully qualified list. Nevertheless, once they have a list, they can deliver sales oriented content to the people on their list.

Another strategy to get customers online is to become an authority in your category. This can be done by submitting articles to websites, newsletters, and blogs, in your industry. Within the text, mention your website and the goods or services offered. If there is a Wiki for your industry, be sure your website is in it. Then submit your content to every business directory that is directly related to your website. This includes places like Google maps and the other sites like MapQuest. Finally, be sure to submit to blogs and other social media websites. All of this can spread your content to as many people as possible. Remember, to get customers online you need the numbers. That is why you want your content in front of as many people as possible.


Source by Cedric Welsch