Boosting The Sales of Artworks Via Effective Online Marketing Strategies


Many creative and productive artists are finding it difficult to increase the sales of their work of art. The problem is not with the lack of technical proficiency or dexterity on the part of the artists for the execution of the works of art. The challenge is mostly to do with how artists offer their products to a wider scope of prospective customers or clients. Many aesthetically pleasing works of art lie in the confines of an artist studio or gallery with rare avenues of making the world know about them. This problem can be easily remedied if artists effectively utilize online marketing strategies to make available to the general populace, their wonderful masterpieces.

The internet is a very salient tool for heightening the sales of products executed by artists. In fact, artists who fail to take advantage of the numerous marketing and advertising platforms readily accessible on the internet are killing their own art businesses or enterprises. It is estimated that about 2.7 billion people, constituting 40% of the world’s population visit the internet on a daily basis via their mobile devices. This should enlighten artists of the great heights they can reach should they promote the sales of their artistic products by employing proactive online marketing strategies. Artists can start with building their own company websites on the numerous social media advertising platforms such as Goggle+, Goodreads, Foursquare, hi5, Flickr, Buzznet, Blogger, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the many others.

Artists must succinctly build or design their company websites. The site should be captivating and engaging such that visitors to the sites will spend creditable time surfing through the interesting items posted there. For instance, the artist’s website must be colorful and catchy. It must showcase various pictures of the works of art produced by the artist.

Also, the artists must make available on the site, his/her artist statement that clearly outlines the technique/style, philosophy, subject or theme and the particular field of art s/he practices. Of course, the typeface and other inscriptions posted on the site must be easy to read, simple and straightforward, leaving no traces of ambiguity in the minds of prospective visitors to the sites. It will be prudent if artists reveal a brief philosophical content of every work of art posted. The academic credentials, skills and expertise of the artists, his/her exhibitions that s/he has held or participated as well as contact information, must be readily available on the website. This would deepen the appreciation of clients for the artworks while convincing them of the need to purchase the works. Additionally, it would increase the ego of the artist and many companies would be willing to do business with him/her.

Moreover, since many people surf the internet mostly on their mobile devices, the website of the artists must be mobile friendly in its layout. To ensure the consistent performance of the website for online marketing, the artist must regularly update the information on the page. S/he must vary the content and outlook to make viewers and prospective buyers always trooping to the site for new pictures of artworks and posts. This constant and active participation would maximize and boost the number of visitors as well as the sales of the works of art.

In addition, the artist must build a strong search engine optimization by constantly reviewing, changing and updating the key word search that serves as a bait in leading prospective clients in need of his/her products and services to the website. Artists must equally enhance their websites by using the opt-In email list, which affords both existing and prospective customers the opportunity of signing up to receive e-mail notifications, campaigns, and correspondence. It will also help artists to keep in touch with his/her clients, knowing their queries and preferences so as to factor them in their works of art produced to maximize their sales.

The internet and its online marketing potentials must be tapped and utilized by artists to boost the sales of their works of art and gain new customers. Failure on the part of artists to have a robust online marketing strategy will reduce the interest of people regarding the business and even demean the entire skills, expertise, and works of the artist.


Source by Dickson Adom