Avoid the Biggest Mistake When Building Your Online Business


I have noticed one mistake that people are making when they are trying to build a home business, and it is this one mistake that can determine whether you are able to quit your job or not. The mistake people make is not having there own website. Free blog sites like Blogger and Squidoo are great when your first getting started, but you really have no control of your business when you rely on these sites.

What would happen if you set up a couple killer blogs, then blogger decided to pull it down for some strange reason. The fact of the matter is without you have your own website, you really dont have much control over your business.

It will be hard to create never ending success when you are at the mercy of another company, what happens if they decide to sell, or go out of business. Setting up a site like this one is really easy, and cost only $ 5 dollars per month.

Having your own website is a good way to help brand yourself, which is very important when you own your own home business. People like to know who they are buying from, and people will always buy from people they like.

Having your own website will help you gain trust from your visitors, having your own website makes you look like a legit, and long lasting company. Nobody wants to do business with a fly by night company.

Having your own website allows you to build your business opportunity, and not someone else's, because at the end of the day you are either building your business or someone else's.


Source by Nicholas Breen