A number of things you may need to know before getting a spray tan treatment


This could be because you might be anxious about whether a spray tan is the best thing for you.

That’s why zz have written a list of the main things to think about before having a spray tan:

The active component in a spray on tan is a chemical named dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and although it is a non-toxic substance it can cause allergic reactions in some cases. As a result, people new to spray tanning should really undergo a patch test before they use the tanning booth for the first time. Even though most people won’t have this kind of allergy, it’s definitely worth having the test done before you set foot in a tanning booth! After all it is better to be safe than sorry especially as the DHA substance will be put onto your whole body so an allergic reaction will be quite uncomfortable and not at all localised.

It is important to know exactly how long a spray tan will last and the time required between sessions. Constant exfoliation from clothes and washing sheds dead skin cells, which is why natural sun tans fades relatively quickly. Most people can expect lasting effect for as many as 5-10 days, the average being around 7 days. Although if the person uses a daily moisturiser after application then the tan can have increased lasting power. Having said that, results really do vary according to the person as everyone is different and their skin will react in its own way to the spray tanning fluid.

Spray tanning booths aren’t everyone’s choice and in fact whether someone opts to have a go should depend on their complexion. The way spray tanning fluid works is to enhance the natural tones in a person’s skin, which means it so works much better on people with darker skin. What this means is that a person with a Mediterranean complexion may very well benefit from using a spray tanning booth. Alternatively, a fair skinned person may notice that the bronze effect doesn’t look as good as it does on others and therefore choose not to go for it.

The cost of the spray tanning procedure will change depending on where the salon is located and the specific service that a person requires. Booking in advance and arranging regular treatments can also affect the price. For example spray tans from www.Sienna-X.co.uk can cost just over £25, but this does include post tan care items to help clients get the most out of the procedure. Whereas if a person were to book in advance, then they can make a saving. In some cases arranging a multi-tan session early can lead to reductions. A free spray tan can be taken advantage of by hosts of spray tan parties too.

People can prepare for a spray tan in a couple of different ways. Firstly, a person should shower and exfoliate their skin beforehand. This is because in order for the spray tan to be effective, it is essential not to shower for at least twelve hours following a tan. Prior to application and in order to ensure an even tan the person should wax or use a razor to clean the skin of hair before their tanning application. Furthermore, it is essential to arrive at the tanning salon wearing dark clothes as after the procedure that the solution will come off onto clothes.

BY sticking to these pointers you will have a clearer idea of whether spray tanning is the right choice for your circumstances.


Source by Jabbar Karlee