A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step


Take the first step…

What is it you want? Where do you want to go? Now you know where
you are going, think about where you are now. What’s the first
thing that you need to do to get moving? If possible, do it
today. Life is full of “if only” and “I couldn’t because”. Don’t
be someone full of regrets because of what you didn’t do, be
someone who is full of stories of what they have done.

Keep taking steps…. even if they feel like baby steps!

We all have those days where it feels like every step is
painful, or there is something else to do, or it’s just plain
too difficult. It’s the “don’ wanna” cry of the tantruming two!
Even if it’s something really simple, take one step. Mark
Forster talks about this when he says, “Just get the file out”.
It’s only a small step, but it proves your intent. After all,
after you’ve got the file out, it’s not as difficult to do
something with it, is it? Have any projects that seem to have
been at a standstill? Just do one thing today to get moving on
it. You probably already know what it is!

Enjoy it…

I’ve got a quote on my fridge that reads, “Remember that
happiness is a means of travel, not a destination”. Get there –
have fun on the journey. Enjoy it when you get there rather than
moving straight to the next place, next goal, and next
challenge. Rest a while and glory in the fabulousness of what
you have achieved. Tell everyone!

…And then work out what steps you want to take next!

You’ve achieved it – what’s next? There are always new
opportunities coming our way. What opportunities are you
spotting right now that you are excited about? What’s your first
step for that?


Source by Claire Chapman